In 2013, the Plan II/KIPP Partnership expanded to another KIPP middle school, KIPP Austin Academy of Arts and Letters, or KAL. In addition to the core curriculum, KAL students also focus on writing and the arts over their four years at KAL.

In this branch of the partnership, each Plan II student is matched with a middle-schooler at KAL in need of a mentor. Once a week, our Plan II mentors visit with their mentees at the KAL campus, where they might play games, do arts and crafts, or simply enjoy talking to each other.  Additionally, mentors attend monthly meetings where they have the opportunity to debrief their experience as mentors as well as learn about issues in education from a current and historical perspective.

Mentorship at KAL is a good option for students interested in learning about education through a mentorship experience. Mentoring a student at KAL is not a tutoring gig, but is great for anyone interested in simply being a supportive and consistent presence in the life of a middle-schooler. 


Questions? Contact program co-coordinators Mary Louise Hotze or Will Read at